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UFO Socks home page. Novelty socks superstore. We carry thousands of socks. Be sure to check back often as we release new socks every week! Happy socks with cool designs. Nike custom elite socks. Sports team socks. Get customized socks for your little league baseball team, basketball team, soccer team, hockey team socks.UFO socks contact us. Have a question about one of our socks or other products? Just use this page to contact us and ask us anything!About UFO socks. Learn about our company. Were located in Whitehouse Tennessee.
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Near Tennessee or the south? Come see our socks in person! Below is our upcoming sales events schedule. We are always setting up at trade shows and fairs and local flea markets. Come check us out!

Novelty Socks Cool Socks
Novelty Socks Cool Socks
Cereal Collection Socks Just Released!
Extra Extra Read All About It... No but for real... Here you can find some current news, sock release dates, what's coming down the pipeline and other cool things that were up to here at UFO socks. That's if you even care. But we know you do.
Novelty Socks Cool Socks
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Halloween Sock Collection
Released on Sep 23, 2019
  Fall is already here! Halloween is right around the corner. Celebrate Halloween by wearing our awesome super scary socks!  
Super Heroes Sock Collection
Released on June 1, 2019
  Just released our new super heroes sock collection. We also have a few villian socks. Wear your favorite super heroes on your feet. Sweet....  
Vape Shop Sock Collection
Released on June 1, 2019
  Vaping seems to be so popular now days. We just relesed 8 socks that should make any vaping fat giggle!  
Video Games Sock Collection
Released on May 28, 2019
  Were so excited to release our new video games collection. As with all of our collections there are 8 new video game themed socks. All can be customized with your text and or photos!  
Gatlinburg Tennessee Socks!
Expected Release Date May 10, 2019
  Ahhhhh The Great Smokey Mountains national park in Gatlinburg Tennessee. One of the most beautiful places on earth! Our upcoming collection will feature 8 socks themed after this area of our country! They will make great gifts and can be sold in gift shops in the area. There expected to be released around May 10th 2019. We will keep you posted!  
Cereal Sock Collection
Released on May 1, 2019
  Were so excited to release our new Cereal sock collection. As with all of our collections there are 8 new cereal themed socks. All can be customized with your text and or photos  
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Customized socks. Great for teams or for company socks. We can design and customize our socks with your team logos. Get custom nike basketball socks, custom soccer team socks. Custom socks for your company with your company logo on them. Custom socks for a bacholor party. Custom socks for any occasion!Get your photo printed on a custom socks! Cool socks with your wife's photo or husbands photo printed on them! Also great for getting your dogs picture printed on the sock!Mystery Sock Box! Get random mystery socks and t shirts inside this cool mystery box!

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